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St Paul's Bay - Malta Travel Guide

Fantastic sunshine family holidays in Malta? Look no further.

Beautiful beaches nearby and family friendly hotels in St Paul's Bay.

•St Paul's Bay is Malta's No 1 sunshine and family holiday destination. On the north west of this island so popular with Brits, you can be sure of 3 things - sunshine, sandy beaches and a superb welcome from the locals.

•There is a small beach at the head of St Paul's Bay and there are plenty of Malta's famed flat rocks for sunbathing with good access points to the crystal clear waters; plus lidos and beach clubs. Nearby, there are sun drenched soft gold sand beaches nudging long stretches of clear blue shallow waters.

•The bay stretches for 5km around Qawra Point and into Salina Bay. It encompasses four different areas: Xemxija, Bugibba, Qawra and the Old Town. Bugibba, Xemxiha and Qawra are popular resorts in the area and have a great choice of cafes, bars, restaurants and nightlife.

•Originally a fishing village, the history of St Paul's Bay goes way back.

•In AD60 St Paul was shipwrecked here. He was en-route to Rome and the locals helped him out. And through this accidental meeting he brought Christianity to Malta which is now a predominantly Roman Catholic country.

•St Paul's Bay still retains a traditional atmosphere with a picture postcard harbour complete with brightly coloured sailing boats and quaint old town; and it is still brilliant at welcoming new visitors which makes it a perfect place for family holidays in Malta.St Paul's Bay is also an ideal spot for couples.

•The bus service here is excellent and links up with towns and resorts all over the island.

•The beaches close to St Paul's Bay: Mellieha Bay is just a few kilometres away and is the most popular and largest sandy beach on the island. It's a great beach for children with shallow blue waters and lifeguards on duty. - Golden Bay has slightly red sands and lots of watersports. - Armier bay is recommended by our holidaymakers.

•Top Beach Tip: It's worth investing in beach shoes if accessing the water from the rocks, and keep an eye out for black sea urchins sometimes found on the rocks.

•Diving holidays in Malta:

Malta is a great dive destination all year round. And this part of the coast has some good diving schools. The excellent underwater visibility in these warm, current- free waters both in Summer and in Winter (average 15 degrees Celsius), make St Paul's Bay a perfect place to learn to dive or to increase your diving skills. •What else can I do in St Paul's Bay?

•Visit the nearby resorts of Bugibba and Qawra.

•Enjoy sight seeing in the stunning port of Valletta, famous for its baroque architecture and Barras gardens.

•Visit St Paul's Shipwreck church which has its own underground grotto.

•Plus, you can visit the famous World War II shelters and see how the Maltese people earned that George Cross.

•Family Friendly holidays in St Paul's Bay, Malta?. Apart from the safe sandy beaches with shallow waters, the friendly Maltese people and the ease of getting familiar foods, there are also many family hotels in St Paul's Bay which have children's pools, children's menus and entertainment.

•And you can check out the local Splash and Play park or Popeye's village.

•When is the best time to visit St Paul's Bay? May - October.

•Eating Out in St Paul's: This is probably one of the best places in the world to eat fish. Enjoy a relaxing meal at one of the harbourfront restaurants which often cook the 'fresh catch of the day'.

•With British and Italian influences, dining out in Malta should keep everyone happy. Eating out in St Paul's Bay, you will find Italian restaurants, seafood restaurants local cuisine, cafes, pizza and burgers. You can also find upmarket restaurants in Qawra and a large choice of restaurants and cafes in Bugibba.

•Nightlife in St Paul's Bay: There is a good choice throughout the whole area at night with a good range of bars, clubs and British pubs.

•Bugibba is probably the liveliest part with a casino and a cinema; all the areas are easily reached by bus or taxi.

•For serious clubbers, jump on the bus to Paceville renowned as Malta's part capital.

•Visit the old town at night for a lovely meal or a quiet drink in beautiful surroundings.

•Also, some of the hotels in St Paul's bay have their own entertainment programmes and nightclubs.

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Did you know? St Paul was treated very well by the locals so, legend has it, he thanked them by removing the venom from the island's poisonous snakes.

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