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Mojacar - Almeria Coast Travel Guide

Magical town of white washed houses overlooking 3 miles of perfect beaches.

Secluded beaches, stunning scenery and adrenaline sports.

•Mojacar is magical old town of sugar cube houses set on a hillside overlooking a haven of unspoilt beaches spread along 3 miles of the spectacular Almeria coast.

•There is every sort of beach you would wish for including secluded coves, virgin or protected beaches, naturist beaches and the resort's main beach at El Cantal with superb watersports.

•Steeped in history, the labyrinth of narrow old streets, Kasbah courtyards and white washed houses in the old town reflect Mojacar's fascinating medieval Arab history.

•The immaculate white buildings dazzle in the sunlight off set by brightly coloured doors, pottery and vibrant sweeps of bougainvillea. And the surrounding countryside is dotted with almond, fig, olive and orange groves.

•Today, Mojacar does a great job of welcoming tourists whilst celebrating its unique history and artistic ambience. Residential buildings are restricted to two storeys and hotels can't be built higher than four floors. The result is a lively resort which offers plenty of activities with a surprisingly large selection of good bars, restaurants, tapas bars and clubs along the beachfront.

•Golfing holidays in Mojacar.It is a perfect place to play golf and there are four superb courses including the legendary Desert Springs and the Marina golf course.

•Mojacar offers incredible experiences for those who like a thrill while appreciating the spectacular scenery. Take a microlight flight, go scuba diving, horseback riding or get off road on a quadbikes.

•Or enjoy the simple pleasure of a good walk, bird watching or pottery classes.

•Holidays in Mojacar offer something for everyone, together with some great restaurants, trendy bars and clubs.

•The beaches in Mojacar. The beaches stretch from La Marina de la Torre to Sopalmo and the Granatilla beach. There are also the virgin or protected beaches popular with naturists.

•El Cantal Beachis one of the most popular beaches in Mojacar and has beach bars, parasols and sunloungers and some watersports.

•The Cueva del Lobo and Ventanicas beaches are popular but the sand is coarser. All the usual amenities can be found at these beaches.

•Marina de la Torre is around two kilometres of white sandy coastline.


•There is a sandy beach at the mouth of the River Aguas which continues along the coast as La Rumina.

•The Descargador and Vista de los Angeles beaches in Mojacar are ideal for quiet sunbathing with some beach services.

•Protected Beaches Mojácar has protected other beaches including some of the most dramatic ones from any development such as Macenas, Cala del Peñon, Cala del Sombrerico, Bordenares, El Lance and Cala Granatilla.

•Birdwatching in Mojacar. You will find a great array of wild birds making their home in Mojacar such as linnets, swifts, green finches, wood larks, hoopoes, magpies and partridges. In the wet areas at the mouth of the River Aguas, flocks of migratory birds can sometimes be seen including herons, flamingos and sandpipers.

•Watersports in MojacarAt Samoa Surf you will find wind surfing, sailing, canoeing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, bananarides, kiteflying, and scuba diving (PADI).

•When is the best time to visit Mojacar? May - October

•The best restaurants in Mojacar?.There is a superb array of international cuisine here as well as the finest local fish and tapas. Our holidaymakers recommend highly the Argentian Steakhouse. Let us know what you think when you get back.

•The original totem is around 4,500 years old, and the earliest known one appears among other prehistoric paintings in a cave in Velez Blanco.

•The Nightlife in Mojacar Let them entertain you. There are pubs, bars, 5 nightclubs, karaoke bars and cocktail bars.

•The best bar in Mojacar According to our holidaymakers it is the local Buddha Bar or the M Bar for a top night out.

•The Indalo Man.You may see this lucky totem wherever you go. The Indalo or 'Mojácar man' brings protection and good luck, and was painted onto houses to keep away the 'evil eye' of the storm. The figure is believed to show a man holding a rainbow between his outstretched arms.

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Did you know? The earliest recorded visitors to Mojacar are estimated to date back to the bronze age around 2000 BC, when Phoenicians and Carthaginian traders arrived to serve the growing communities.

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