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Sliema - Malta Travel Guide

Fabulous, cosmopolitan resort, with excellent nightlife and fine dining.

Boat trips to idyllic caves, grottoes and the islands of Gozo, Comino and Scily.

•There is a small sandy stretch of beach where Sliema meets St Julian's bay.

•Diving in Malta: Malta is a superb dive location with many wonderful sites to explore including around the islands of Gozo and Comino, famous for their caves, grottoes and deep turquoise waters.

•There are four dive operators in Sliema offering a wide range of courses from beginners to advanced.

•The waters off the coast of Sliema with their gin clear visibility make this a perfect destination for snorkellers and divers.

•What else can I do from Sliema? Just about everything.

•For a once in a lifetime experience you can swim with the dolphins at the Mediterraneo aquarium, just outside Bugibba. Once you have booked your holiday, check out Mediterraneo Aquarium.

•Visit the medieval capital, Mdina to see the famous catacombs and St Paul's Cathedral.

•Discover the baroque architecture of Valleta town and visit the beautiful Barracca Gardens and the lovely natural harbour.

•Take a boat trip and visit the islands of Gozo and Comino or take a trip to Sicily to see Mount Etna.

•Visit one of Malta's museums which reflect their rich heritage from the Knights of St John to the key role they played with the British in World War II.

•Spas in Malta have become very popular and Malta is fast becoming known as a top spa and pampering destination. Why not indulge yourself in some 'me' time while visiting Sliema's luxury hotels and salons.

•When is the best time to visit Sliema? May - October. .

•Eating out in Sliema: Eating out in Sliema is a truly international affair with Maltese cuisine as well as British, Italian, Chinese, American, Bulgarian and Mexican.

•At night, the promenade is the place to be seen where most people dress up and enjoy cocktails or dinner before heading to one of the town's popular bars or discos.

“All the restaurants/bars were value for money, really good service and all the Maltese people are very kind and sociable” wrote a happy holidaymaker on their review feedback.

•The best restaurants in Sliema? We don't have an overall winner in this category yet, but honourable mentions must go to Barracuda's, Ta' Kolinka, Ponta Veccia and Surfide. Perhaps you could check out the restaurants in Sliema and write a review about the best restaurant in Sliema for us when you get back.

•Traditional Maltese Cuisine in Sliema

Due its terrific choice of fine restaurants, Sliema is one of the best places to try out the tempting delicacies of Maltese cooking. Maltese cooking has been heavily influenced by Italian and British cooking styles due to its close relationship with these countries.

•Typical dishes include local seafood and rabbit. The national dish is Fenech which is fried or baked rabbit in a casserole. A terrific desert is Kannoli which is a light pastry stuffed with ricotta cheese, chocolate and candied fruit.

•Nightlife in Sliema?Welcome to Malta's party capital, Sliema has some great bars and clubs, there is also a casino, and nearby is Paceville which is party central with bars, pubs and discos. In the summer seasons buses run to Paceville regularly.

•Shopping in Sliema

Sliema is a delightful place for a shopping spree and offers the best shopping in Malta. Sliema's shops run the gamut from top brand luxury designer items to the locally produced handicrafts which include filigree, jewellery,lace, basketware, pottery and glass. You can even visit the traditional glass blowers. •We can offer great deals on car hire in Sliema so check us out when completing your holiday booking.

•Holidays to Sliema: We have an excellent choice of holidays in Sliema.

•Hotels in Sliema: We have an excellent choice of 3*, 4* and 5* hotels in Mellieha including 2 Spa hotels; all with our lowest prices guarantee. The Radisson SAS Golden Sands Resort and Spa is the most exclusive 5*resort and spa in Malta and can be booked with us.

•Cheap Flights to Sliema: We have cheap flights to Malta with all your favourite airlines and operators. The flight takes just over 3 hours from UK airports.

•Car hire in Sliema: if you feel like exploring along this lovely coastline with its secluded coves and pretty harbours, then it would be wise to hire a car. The good news about hiring a car in Malta is that driving in Malta is easy as everyone drives on the left and all the signs are also in English as English is the official co-language of Malta. We can offer great deals on car hire in Sliema so check us out when completing your holiday booking.

•Transfers to your hotel in Sliema: We can book your transfers to your hotel in Sliemaby either shuttle or private taxi. They should take between 45 minutes and 1 hour. We can also book UK airport car parks online, plus travel insurance and currency exchange for your holiday.

•Sliema Hotel Reviews: Written exclusively by genuine customers who have booked and stayed in the hotel.

Did you know? The town of Sliema began to develop in the early 1900s as a summer resort for wealthier Valletta residents. Their elegant villas and town houses line the quiet, inland streets.

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