Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ayia Napa - Cyprus Travel Guide

There is a lot more to Ayia Napa than just great beaches and wild nightlife.

There's a lovely old town with cobbled streets, stunning scenery and a charming harbour.

•Ideal for party animals but also couples and families.

•Nissi beach is the quieter place to stay.

•What are the beaches like at Ayia Napa? Grecian bay: golden sands gently shelve down to calm waters. Nissi beach: 500m of wonderful white sands, turquoise waters and its own island you can swim to.

•It's also worth visiting Makronissos beach.

•Watersports in Ayia Napa: waterskiing, windsurfing, jet-skiing and scuba diving. Don't forget to check out the waterworld water park - currently the Europe's largest themed water park.

•The nightlife in Ayia Napa? 19 clubs in a one mile area playing garage, RnB, hip hop, funk and house. Clubs in Ayia Napa include Car Wash, The Castle Club, the Guru club, Toga Toga and the Chameleon club. But for those looking for something quieter there are some lovely bars and restaurants particularly in the town's old quarter.

•Where is the best food in Ayia Napa? Currently our holidaymakers seem to agree that Clarabelle's serves the best food in Ayia Napa, and is great value. Let us know which is your favourite restaurant in Ayia Napa on your return.

•What else can I do in Ayia Napa? Visit the beautiful pine covered Troodoos mountains.

•Hire a bike and explore the surrounding villages or take a boat trip.

•Relax in the shade in the main square in the old town and watch the world go by . Or in the evening check out the stalls selling jewellery, pottery, leather goods and lace. And the traditional shops and eateries; or visit the modern shops along the tree lined esplanade.

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Did you know? A local speciality is Souzoukko - a dish that is made from strings of nuts, dipped into hot grape juice.

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