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Roquetas de Mar - Almeria Coast Travel Guide

Sunkissed beaches, ancient monuments and terrific watersports.

Family friendly with terrific restaurants and good nightlife.

•Roquetas de Mar: This former fishing village has been attracting tourists since the 60s but still feels relatively undiscovered. Whilst there are many modern resorts and hotels, it has miles of beach, an elegant promenade, a sleek yacht harbour and elegant golf courses. Plus, there is a good choice of shops and boutiques, friendly pubs and cafes; many British owned. There is a lovely old town with narrow winding streets and white washed houses. And for bird watchers or 'twitchers', the nearby salt marshes are a haven for rare birds including flamingos and little egrets.

•Roquetas de Mar is ideal for all ages.

•Beaches in There's an incredible 18km of beaches here and at least 5 blue flag beaches. Plus there is a nudist beach.

•Watersports in Roquetas de Mar Diving, snorkelling, windsurfing and sailing are all available from the harbour.

•Sports in Roquestas de Mar: There is tennis, cycling and horse riding. There is an 18-hole golf course at Playa Serena.

•Child friendly Roquetas de Mar? Just a bit. Apart from our great hotels, many of which have children's clubs, entertainment programmes, All Inclusive tariffs and children's swimming pools, there is also stacks to do in the resort itself. Here is just some of the fun stuff for kids in Roquestas de Mar:

•The Mario Water Park is a huge water park, just five minutes from the centre of Roquetas de Mar. Open every day from 11am - 7pm.

•The mini train - this mini train runs around the resort from 10am to midnight daily and passengers can get on or off at any point in Roquetas de Mar.

•The Gorilla - a strange name for a children's entertainment park - but nevertheless it is great fun, and in a central part of Roquetas de Mar. It has a slide, a bouncy castle, trampoline and small bungee ropes as well as rides suitable for smaller children.

•Next to the Gorillas you can take a trip around Roquetas in a horse drawn trap.

•Eating Out in Roquetas de Mar: There is an excellent selection of restaurants offering al fresco dining all along the promenade. Judging by our reviews the traditional tapas, British pubs and international cuisine are all very popular.

•Best traditional Spanish restaurant in Roquestas de Mar The Beijoseph Restaurant on the promenade and overlooking the seafront serves excellent paella and seafood. They welcome children, play Spanish music and occasionally have live performers at the weekends.

•Best restaurants in Roquetas de Mar: According to our holidaymakers, the current favourites are: Christine and Dicks for home cooking; and Aydas for local cuisine.

•Top Tapas Tip: Many of the tapas bars in Roquestas de Mar serve free tapas with your drinks. For example, if you buy a small beer you will also be given a small plate of local cheese, meat or fish free. The best time to go is during siesta time. Don't forget to try out the mussels and the octopus tapas which are local specialities.

•Best bar in Roquetas de Mar Our travel republicans are torn between the homespun delights of the M25 and the Highlander bar; and the more exotic temptations of the cocktails at the Bar Tropical Coconut bar. Let us know which top tipple point would be your top tip when you get back.

•Day trips from Roquetas de Mar: One of the most popular trips is for the shopping to Murcia and Carteghena.

•Alternatively you could spend a full day in the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains, stopping at the famous village of Guadix where locals still live in cavehouses.

•Or visit the 8th wonder of the world, the Alhambra Palace and discover the history and culture of the beautiful city of Granada.

•Or you could explore the ruins of the medieval Castilla de Santa Ana.

•Nightlife in Roquetas de MarThere is one nightclub, La Scala on the Avenida de Playa Serena which has free admission. And there are several late night bars that stay open till dawn. There is also plenty of choice including a salsa bar, a Harley Davidson themed bar, a medieval night experience, an Irish bar, karaoke bars and cabaret shows. Many of the hotels also provide their own entertainment such as traditional flamenco dancers. On a Friday night during the summer season, party night at the Tavern includes quiz, games and karaoke for families.

•Holidays to Roquetas de Mar: We have an excellent choice of holidays in Roquetas de Mar.

•Hotels in Roquetas de Mar: We have some excellent hotels in Roquetas de Mar including 3* and 4* hotels in Roquetas de Mar.

•Cheap Flights to Roquetas de Mar: We have cheap flights to Roquetas de Mar.

The flight takes around 2 hours 45 minutes from UK airports.

•Car hire in Roquetas de Mar: There's so much to explore, you would be wise to hire a car. We can offer great deals on car hire in Roquetas de Mar so check us out when completing your holiday booking.

•Transfers to your hotel in Roquetas de Mar: Transfers from the airport to your hotel in Roquetas de Mar will take about 45 minutes. We can book transfers for you, either by shuttle or private taxi, of which the latter is the quickest way to get to your hotel in Roquetas de Mar.

•Roquetas de Mar Hotel Reviews: Written exclusively by genuine customers who have booked and stayed in the hotel.

Did you know? Roquetas de Mar means 'little rocks on the sea'.

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