Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Luxor - Egypt Travel Guide

Temples and tombs in luxurious Luxor.

Enjoy a felucca cruise and watch the sun set over the Valley of the Kings.

•Just over 5 hours from most UK airports. Transfer time approx 20 minutes by taxi.

•For a once in a lifetime holiday visit Luxor. Make this the year you do it.

•There are fabulous 3*, 4* & 5* hotels, local restaurants and bars.

•Are there beaches in Luxor? No, but most of the hotels have amazing pools. There are also excursions to The Red Sea - excellent for diving.

•Sightseeing in Luxor. Visit the temple ruins at Luxor, Karnak and Abu Simbel. Explore Tutankhamen's tomb, the burial chambers of King Tut and Queen Nefertiti. A River Nile cruise or hot air ballon trip are a must. Superb shopping and bazaars. Prepare to haggle!

•Where are the pyramids? In Giza, an overnight train or one hour flight to Cairo.

•The best place to watch the sun set over the River Nile? 'Drinks on the Nile Terrace at the Old Winter Palace - pure Agatha Christie.'

•What to wear in Luxor? Think 'The Jewel in the Nile' and 'The Mummy'.

•Day wear: sensible shoes, sunhats, khaki, cotton and linen. Evenings: Dress modestly. And ladies, something vintage or floaty for that sunset dinner by the Nile.

•Do I need a visa to visit Luxor? Yes, but it's easy to apply for one on arrival.

•When is the best time to visit Luxor? From mid October to May.

•What is the time difference with Luxor? It is 2 hours ahead of GMT in the winter.

•Health Tip: Drink water, wear sunscreen, hat, use mozzie repellent at night.

•Do I need jabs? In most cases no, but you can check further with the FCO site and your GP. Check the small print of your travel insurance. Some require protection like Tetanus are up to date.

•How much should I tip in Luxor? In Luxor wages are low and tipping is a way of life. Here is a suggested guide, but really it is up to you. Restaurant - 5-15% Hotel - 5% Tour guide - £1 a day Taxi - 10%. If you are staying All Inclusive, it's worth giving small tips to your All Inclusive waiters throughout your holiday. And, at the end of a cruise, leave tips for the boat crew. For caleche or horse-drawn buggys, a tip on top of the agreed fare is expected. Top 'Tips' Tip: Keep lots of small currency with you in Luxor for tips.

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•The flight takes just over 5 hours from UK airports.

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Did you know? Luxor is built on the remains of Thebes which is 4,000 years old and was ruled by the Pharoah Ramses II.

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