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Gumbet - Bodrum Travel Guide

Great fun, loads of sun. What are you waiting for?

Watersports, nightlife and fabulous shopping.

•What is Gumbet like? Gumbet is a friendly resort of white washed buildings leading down to a charming bay. It is a lively and good value destination for the young and free as well as for families. There are plenty of great beaches in the area; plus lots of watersports. When the sun goes down, the nightlife heats up with friendly open air restaurants, trendy cafes, bars, clubs, markets and shops. Its slightly more sophisticated neighbour, Bodrum, with market, harbour and a fantastic castle is a short Dolmus ride away.

•What's the beach like at Gumbet? It's a popular sand and pebble beach with a plenty of watersports and a nice gentle breeze.

•Eating Out in Gumbet?You will be spoiled for choice. There is a good range of traditional sun in the fun pubs, restaurants and cafes. But there are also some excellent restaurants offering traditional Turkish cuisine.

•Best restaurants in Gumbet? Our holidaymakers are very taken with a number of restaurants in Gumbet but the current winner is the Ediz restaurant. Let us know your thoughts are when you get back.

•Nightlife in Gumbet: There are plenty of bars and clubs in Gumbet but for a special night out; check out the Halikarnas Club in Bodrum. It is has amazing views of the bay and the castle.

•Can I drink the water in Gumbet? Yes, but it does apparently have a much higher mineral content than water from home, so some people prefer to drink bottled water. Ice cubes are fine.

•Excursions from Gumbet: A day in Bodrum is one always well spent. From here you can book boat trips on traditional gullets, climb the hill to the Castle ruins and enjoy the stunning views; or simply relax over a wonderful seafood meal at the marina; or potter around the designer shops and the bazaar. There is also a traditional market in nearby Turgutreis.

•There also day trips to the Greek Island of Kos, Mausoleum, Pamukkale, Ephesus and the House of the Virgin Mary.

•Gumbet is becoming a year round destination with warm weather throughout the winter. It has a number of festivals and events around Christmas and New Year.

•Some useful Turkish Phrases:

◦Please - Lütfen(LEWT-fehn)

◦Thank - Tesekkürler Sag ol Mersi (teh-sheh-kewr-LEHR SOWL mehr-SEE)

◦Hello - Merhaba (MEHR-hah-bah)

◦Goodbye - Allaha ismarladik (ah-LAHS-mahr-lah-duhk)

◦My name is - Adim (Ah-DUHM ...)

◦Where is a/the - Nerede? - (... NEH-reh-deh)

◦Yes - Evet(eh-VEHT)

◦No - Hayir(HAH-yuhr)

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Did you know? Camel wrestling is a popular event in the winter!

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